The smart tacho is mandatory for new vehicles from 15 June.

New tachograph cards are also introduced. But can you no longer use the old cards? We explain it to you: with the arrival of the smart tacho, new tachograph cards are also being introduced. For example, the new driver cards have additional storage options for the positions of the vehicle. Current driver cards cannot. But in the smart tacho the current driver and company cards can be used as usual. And the new driver and company cards can also be used in the existing tachographs. They are therefore interchangeable. Because not all driver cards in the new tachograph can save the location automatically, it remains necessary for the driver to enter the country codes. New workshop cards must be requested. A different story applies to the workshops. They must apply for new workshop cards. These must be available from March 15 a.s. Without this card, they cannot calibrate / calibrate the smart tacho. What changes does the smart tacho bring? Are your drivers already aware of the changes that the smart tacho entails? You are obliged to instruct your drivers and to inform them that this tacho can be read remotely by the inspector. TLN has a draft text that you can download here. We have listed in a well-arranged video what will change for you, so that you can prepare as well as possible for the arrival of the smart tacho:

During the accelerated training sessions ‘Driving rest periods and digital tachograph’, the above subjects will also be discussed extensively. More information, dates and locations can be found here.

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