Warehouse specifications

Thanks to our newly- constructed warehouses (February 2019), our storage areas meet the latest demands of our customers as well as adhering to current standards and the most recent laws & legislation. They have also set us up for continued future growth.

Our warehouses have PGS15/CPR15-proof and have environmental permits, allowing us to store virtually all environmentally critical substances.

In addition, we specifically designed our storage facilities to accommodate a variety of customers and processes – complete with bunkers, separate compartments, and partitioned and unpartitioned warehouses – so we can provide optimal storage services for sensitive or odour-sensitive products, as well as products that require special treatment.

Our locations feature:

  • Firewalls
  • Sprinkler systems: water / AFFF / CO2 at some locations
  • Dedicated piping system for the fire department (10 bar)
  • Automatic fire department notification
  • Liquid-repellent floors (in accordance with AS SIKB 6700)
  • Enclosed site with security provided by an external security service