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AWL Moerdijk is a logistics service provider specialising in the central storage of ADR, food and non-food goods. We coordinate distribution within Europe or export for our customers from our headquarters in Moerdijk.

Though we are a young company, we have years of knowledge and experience in various fields at our disposal thanks to our people. With a new storage location measuring approx. 55,000m2 and state-of-the-art ADR storage bunkers, AWL is proud to call itself a logistics partner for major international companies.

Thanks to our newly-constructed warehouses (February 2019), our storage areas meet the latest demands of our customers as well as adhering to current standards and the most recent laws & legislation. They have also set us up for continued future growth.


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We offer our customers full support with storage, customs processing, sea-freight and door-to-door transport, and vehicle registration.


AWL works closely with a single partner with a 150-year proven track record in customs matters, allowing us to provide you with a full range of services.


As an extra service, we also organise distribution to a wide range of European or global destinations, in addition to storing your goods and providing Value Added Services in our warehouse.

Hazardous goods

AWL has compartmentalised storage locations suitable for the storage of your hazardous goods in accordance with the latest ADR / PGS15 regulations

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